Getting Everyone to Think Strategically, The Subversive Strategist, The Fall and Rise of Strategic Planning

The Fact
Nowadays, thinking that the CEO who is always involved in all decision-making has had a shifting, this is caused by a change in the economic, social, political, and technology. Now, the CEO will need to change the rules and framework of all that, especially for the future of the company.
In many companies, top managers monopoly on the strategy began to be used is reduced. Currently, the strategy has become the property of all members of the organization. Thus, the participation of all members of the company has become a very important thing for the company in achieving success. Necessary to instil an awareness in the mind of each member of what the company vision. Having the commitment and participation of each member organization will facilitate the implementation of company strategy. Enter the strategy of each member organization will assist the implementation of the company's vision.
There are many elements necessary to maintain the company's vision is always embedded in the mind of each member company, the company should have a strategic language, to keep the strategy simple and specific companies, to manage the participation of each member organization, the company motivates employees to always remember the vision and the CEO company's involvement .
An expert strategy against someone who is a subversive, say what are the things that must be a company that can compete with the well in the future. There are several steps that can be applied, namely: how to make a planning strategy looks different, where we will begin, whether the experience that encourages top managers choose the types of thinking strategies, focus on planning strategies should be adjusted with the resources available, the problems associated with the concept strategy can be seen in the vision of the company, can translate in the planning, how ideas are related to its core competence.

In many organizations the top management often monopolize the making of strategy. However, these strategies or vision has become the property of all people. And to achieve the success of a strategy, understanding the need akan vision and organizational commitment, and participation in the planning process and implementation strategy. Having the participation of members of the organization does not reduce the responsibility of the CEO. Participation in the process of strategy also does not mean that the strategy will be an experiment in democracy in the company. In addition, the CEO also needs to set a vision and strategy emphasizes the participation strategy to achieve success.
CEO has a responsibility to define the various roles, where he was responsible to set the vision, strategy ensures acceptance in the organization, involving the board of directors, communicate vision, and ensure that the strategy remains relevant and updated.
When strategic planning is shown in the 1960s, the company leaders view as the one best way to do the planning and implementation to improve the competitiveness of each business unit. Planning system is expected to generate strategies and best stage for the implementation of the strategy instruction, so that the managers and business managers do not understand it wrong. However, as we know, the planning does not always work so, even now only a person who really understand the reason that strategic planning is different from the strategic thinking. Strategic planning is practiced as a strategic programming, development and integration is a strategy or vision that has been there.

The strategy should provide planners contributions up about the process of strategy rather than on the process. They can provide a formal analysis or raw data is needed in strategic thinking, as far as they do aim to expand the consideration of the issue of finding an answer is correct. The planners should act as a catalyst to support the making of strategy with the help and encourage managers to think in strategic, and they can also become the programmer strategy, helping to set a series of concrete steps needed to implement the vision.

Currently, in many organizations, strategy or vision is not only known by a few top managers, but the information is already owned by everyone. For the success of a strategy required the participation of all members of the organization both in the planning and implementation.
One of the ideas and strategies that simple SWOT analysis is useful. There are three types of company that is the rule, implementing, and scofflaw.
A strategic planning is not strategic thinking. Planning is about analysis. 're Thinking about is a strategic combination that involves intuition and creativity.
Strategies that actually requires the invention of a new, not a process that has been there. Strategy can not be made by the analysts, but they can help its development.
Strategic programming is not the way the best or a good way, managers do not always have to memprogram their formal strategy. Sometimes they must leave the strategy is flexible so that they can adapt to changes in the environment.

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