The Public Policy Models

a. Institution Model ;
The process of policy making is derivasi from political science to emphasize a more traditional structure of the political process or behavior. This model does not measure the existence of democracy is not only through the representative institutions and elections, for example, but more than that, to emphasize how far the function of representative institutions, how far people can get the significance, how far people can choose without coercion, and so on.
Weakness that arises from this institutional model is be ignored environmental issues where policy is applied as the program came from outside the institutional policy can not be detected either by the model with this approach.

b. Approach System Model ;
This model there are three components, namely: Input, Process, Output. Initially, the demand, support, support from individuals and community groups, and resources that have an input that will affect the allocation of values by the authorities. And further demand and support will be absorbed by the political system to be converted for output, output in the form of policies. And then every decision which is the result of the political system output will affect the environment, this is where the environment will be affect claims that arise from the community itself.
The weaknesses of this approach is a model of a centralized focus on the actions undertaken by policymakers in this case is the government.

c. Elite Model;
In this model of social life is divided into two layers, namely the upper layer down. Where, under the layer with a very large amount as that set, while the top layer with a small amount, which is always set. Therefore, state policies will always reflect the values or a small group of people in power.
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