List of hazardous substance in cosmetics

Have you read and learn in the womb of cosmetics and skin care products you use everyday day? Did you actually matter what the substance is written neatly arranged in the packaging products that you buy?
You need to realize that the material does not only damage your skin but will also disrupt your health if used for long periods. Some of them even can be classified as material karsinogenik (substances that can cause cancer) and is used by cosmetics companies because these materials are relatively cheap.
Here are some hazardous materials that are frequently found in cosmetics and other skin care products. Following materials are synthetic materials that have been proven harmful to the health according to some research.

Sodium Lauryl sulfate (SLS) and Ammonium Lauryl sulfate (ALS)
Substance is often said to come from coconut juice to cover the natural poison found in it. This substance is often used for a mixture of shampoo, toothpaste, facial soap, detergent and body soap bath. SLS and ALS can cause severe skin irritation and the two substances can be easily absorbed into the body. After be merged, this substance deposition akan found in the brain, heart, tuberculosis and heart problems that will be the long-term health. SLS and ALS also cause cataracts and potentially disrupt the health of children.

Preservative Paraben
Paraben is used mainly in cosmetics, deodorant, and some other skin care products. These substances can cause allergic reaction and redness on the skin. Latest research in the UK have said that the relationship between the use of paraben with increased breast cancer incidence in women. Also mentioned that there are paraben concentration is very high in 90% of cases of breast cancer examined.

Propylene Glycol
Found on some beauty products, cosmetics and facial cleanser. This substance can cause redness on the skin and contact dermatitis. Last study also showed that this substance can damage the kidneys and liver.

Isopropyl Alcohol
Alcohol is used as a solvent in some skin care products. This substance can cause skin irritation and damage to the skin layer of acid so that bacteria can grow with the fertile. In addition, alcohol can also cause oldness early.

DEA (Diethanolamine), Tea (Triethanolamine) and MEA (Monoethanolamine)
Material found on this plural cosmetics and skin care products. Hazardous material may cause allergic reactions and long-term use can be suspected to increase cancer risk in the occurrence of kidney and liver.

Aluminum is often used in body odor remover products. Aluminum is allegedly associated with the disease or senile Alzheimer's.

Mineral oil
Mineral oil made from petroleum derivative and is often used as basic material to make body creams and cosmetics. Baby oil is made with 100% mineral oil. Oil will coat the skin like a coat so that the toxin from the skin to be disturbed. This will cause pimple and other skin complaints.

Polyethylene Glycol (PEG)
This material is used to thicken cosmetics products. PEG will disrupt natural moisture so the skin cause the oldly  skin  early and become vulnerable to the bacteria.

How do I avoid this hazardous?
Learn with a good list of contents that are on the label of each product cosmetics. See if the type of type of substance in it are over, if you still are unsure, you can find on the internet about the danger of it.
Never want to gullible by the word 'natural' and 'organic' in the product packaging. Indeed, these products contain one or two organic materials, but the actual material is dangerous and  can fold over the amount.
If possible, choose products that are 100% natural materials, such as herbal and others. I believe that your skin will love it.
Gathered from various sources on the internet.

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I can not guarantee that the information on my blog is 100% correct