We only know that the bran is used as food for the cattle . really it can produce the frying oil we use every day. Even the process is rather difficult, but we can do it. America and Japan have produced fryng oil from the bran.
As a rice supplier country, Indonesia wont get any difficulties to collect bran . they only problem is to supply fresh bran, not longer than two days. But the problem can be overcome by bringing near the fabrics to the rice-hulling.

The freshness of the bran as well as the oil degree must always be taken care of. According to the experts the degree less than ten percent wont give us any profit. The examination told us that our bran only contained 4 to 8 percent of oil. The hulling system confirmed the bran oil degree. To heighten the oil degree the system of hulling should be modernized. The oil degree differs from every kind of rice. The highest is found from the Burmese rice. In 1957 Burma found the bran frying-oil industry.

The idea of producing frying oil from the bran must be planned seriously , at least as a pioneer project. Even the oil degree is not high enough, we have to do something . the Agricultural Department ought to think about this. It has to examine the feasibility to establish the factories. The people have been waiting for the additional cheap protein.

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I can not guarantee that the information on my blog is 100% correct