Business ethics and Education

In the free market economy system, the company is directed to achieve the benefits as closely as possible, in line with the principles of efficiency. However, in achieving the business goal was to use a variety of ways, irrespective of whether the actions violated ethics in doing business or not.

This occurred due to management and employees tend to seek only profit, so irregularities occur ethical norms, even though the company has a corporate code of conduct in doing business that must be obeyed in all the organs in the organization. Implementation of good corporate rule governace in private companies, state-owned, and government institutions are still weak. Many companies conduct violations, especially in the reporting of company financial performance.

Principles of information on financial performance for companies listed BEJ (bursa efek Jakarta) for example are often harmful and clearly the stakeholders (stakeholders), especially the shareholders and general public other. Insider trading cases and the number of public companies that trade shares Suspended they have authority by showing examples of exchanges in the practice of bad business. Not to mention environmental problems that occur due to exploitation of natural resources with the reasons for pursuing profit at the high-power regardless of the environment supporting ecosystem.

Can be, the impact caused no real concern to the ethics of doing business is a culture of corruption that the more serious and harmful socio-cultural framework of society. If this continues, how foreign investors may be interested infuse capital in our country? This situation raises the question about why all this happened? Are the learning does not get in the business ethics course? What's wrong with our education, because education should function as a morale force in upholding the values of truth in the doing?

How business ethics is taught in schools even if there is, and in the universities? Business ethics is a subject taught in an environment of higher education which offers educational programs and business management. Some of the obstacles often encountered in the business ethics education in the world.

First, the confusion that the public perception business ethics need to be taught to students and program management business model of education because of this print as a graduate of the print. Perception of not so appropriate. Graduates from the department / study program nonbisnis that may be directed to staff must understand business ethics. Business ethics is the basis for the company in conducting business activities, including interacting with stakeholders, including employees of course.

Business ethics as well as any company that proclaimed and poured in the code of conduct, will not run without the employee in compliance with norms decency in running the company activity. Second, the educational program and business management, business ethics are taught as subjects and not integrated with learning in other subjects. Please note that the student as the subject students should have a comprehensive learning. Integration between the cognitive aspect, psikomotorik, and efective in the learning process should be given priority. So that makes sense when the ethical aspects of business effective attitude in this case inserted in the various subjects offered. Third, the methods of teaching and learning in the subjects tended monoton. Teaching more directly using the lecture method.

Even if accompanied by the use of case studies, unfortunately, without the clarity of solving the cases discussed. This is the material substance of business ethics is often the rule and norms that tend to be abstract with the reference standard depending on the perception of individuals and institutions in assessing ethical or not a business action. For example, the boomer ethics drugs by hiding information about the indications? Or the moral hazard in the case of bankruptcy messmate company Enron in the United States. Fourth, there are no business ethics in the curriculum of primary and secondary education.

Moral values and ethics in business will behave more effectively taught at the age of gold (golden age) children, the age of 4-6 years. Therefore, teaching must be thematic. On religious subjects, for example, teachers can teach business ethics by giving examples of how the Prophet Muhammad SAW with the trade does not take advantage sky. Fifth, parents thought that something that is not possible to teach children at home about business ethics because they are not entrepreneurs. This narrow view based understanding that business ethics is a business entrepreneur.

In fact, actual enforcement of business ethics is also the responsibility of us as consumers. Parents can teach business ethics in an environment with a family pattern gives way to the child in respect intellectual property rights (HaKI), for example, does not buy their VCD, game software, and other pirated products that are important for the reason that cheap. Sixth, the role of educators has not been a model role models in teaching business ethics. For example, we still often find phenomena of parents giving gifts to their teachers at the time with the increase of the classroom as a reason for feeling gratitude and sincere.

Educators receive a gift with the happy and the show purposely giving the parents a gift to the friend with sejawatnya panegyrize value or the amount of the prize is. Do not we realize, as this will give the effect of depth on our children? Reduce the practice of doing business in violation of ethics is the responsibility of us all. For employers, the purpose of maximizing profit should offset the increased role and responsibility to the community. Company participated in the quality of life to empower the community through the corporate social responsibility (CSR).

At the time of our role as consumers, should correctly understand the rights and obligations in respect of other people. Parents should be role models engan model provides an example of good behavior to have children so that they will soon become workers or entrepreneurs who understand the true meaning of important business ethics. Government as regulator overseeing the markets partake of the negative practices of economic actors. The government considers termuat business ethics in the curriculum of primary and secondary education. Active role of the perpetrators of this economic development will ultimately make the business world in the country a paradise for foreign investors.

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