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Ciater Tourism resort is aheight area approximately 150 ha wide. Hilly topography of Ciater tourism resort with its tea plantation is agood potential for developing a tourism resort together with recreational facilities. Such basic physical condition is an advantage in an attempt to develop a tourism resort because it technically facilitates the building of various facilities and other supporting infrastructures.

The Ciater tourism resort itself is located in Palasari , Cibitung, Nagrak and cibeusi Villages, kecamatan (Sub-District) Jalan Cagak, District of Subang. Ciater tourism resort is a potential area to be developed into a top tourism resort. This is due to its sufficient wide area that is suitable to be developed (150 ha in total). In addition , there is also Mount Tangkuban Perahu –originated hot spring pools.

Moreover, based on the conditions and characteristics of the tourism objects location, the types of activities suitable to develop in The Ciater tourism resort are :
- Swimmimg
- Natural tourism
- Horse riding
- Golf
The supporting tourism activities are among others :
- Bike
- Jogging
- Camping
- Outdoor sport activities
The potentials of the people in the vicinity that may be optimized are :
- Painting and sculpture , and craft activities
- Dancing
- Native cuisines

The impact of Tourism Development
Every development will inevitably generate any by effect, either positive or negative oe. Accordingly, in the context of development of Ciater tourism resort as a natural tourism report its development should consider natural preservation aspect in order to avoid occurrence of any adverse effect that may disturb ecosystem equilibrium.
As for its positive effect, the development of this tourism resort may absorb workers and in the course of its operational, may promote the prosperity of community in the vicinity in particular and increase PAD for district of Subang in General.
Facilities and insfrastructures

Accessibility is a main key in achieving a successful marketing in this area. A study on environmental conditions and the results of secondary data processing of local Government of District Subang indicate that availability of facilities and transport insfrastructurehave strong influence on accessibility to the location. Until now, the location of Ciater Tourism resort can be accessed from south via Bandung, from east via Sumedang-Subang roadway, from north via pantura (northern coastline) roadway.

Types of tourism that may be developed
Tourism activity is defined as the activity of attraction or events offered or available in atourism object, or the activity in which the visiting tourist may take a part.
Applicable standard tourism activities include , among others, swimming and other tourism activities that are promoted to be excellent supporting tourism attractions.
Besides , there is other activities (Standard for Land-based Outdoor Recreational Activities) such as the following :
- Family picnic and tourism
- Garden, sport field, public outdoors
- Track activities such as : long march, hike, bike and more riding
- Various recreational related activitiese
- Outdoor sport, climbing and sport center
- A combination with some indoor sport activities
It is desirable that the development proceeds systematically and in line with the development zoning as follows :
- Recreational area and supporting facility
- Buffer zone
- Zone of supporting facilities such as : natural –nuance inn (of natural basic materials), food court (restaurant) zone, transient lodging , outdoors, sport facilities, house of worship, public service and management office, clinic (first aid room), souvenir kiosk and spaces, open stage, parking lot and reserve land for the next stage development.

Technically, supporting facilities such as telephone , electricity, fresh water, and waste handling are made available as necessary. Ciater tourism resort is a tourism object that, if managed properly, will attract many tourist object that if managed properly, will attract many tourist, both domestic and foreign originated. However, the available infrastructures are apparently inadequate so a better handling is neded in order to support the tourism resort and in the end to increasingly prompt tourist interest.
Basically , the development of Ciater tourism resort area is open to those who are interested to place investment in it. This is related to the limitation of fund the Goverments of Province/District posses. It is hoped that in the future the developed partnership system can be mutually beneficial to the concerned. Taken from Insight West Java magazine

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