Franchise Business, road to a successful business

Cite statistics, Lori Kiser-Block, Vice President FranCHoice, a business that was built using the franchise will more success  than build own business. Therefore, rapid growth of the franchise, no exception in indonesia. Even for Indonesia, already approaching the level "eforia".
So many problems that franchisor and franchisee in Indonesia that does not understand about the franchise, business franchise, so much destroyed, such as leaves in the dry season.

Every successful business and then in a franchise without the franchise know the gist of. This situation worsened with the prospective franchisee is "interested" to buy the franchise offered. then appears a new franchise with the smash franchise long run as a race (sprint). In a franchise so close that many disadvantaged. Reputation destroyed franchise, the franchisee has been losing money that be invested, workers lose their lives back. Although not as powerful in the United States, the company closed its franchise also reduce the contribution of real economic sector.
In the United States accounted for franchise companies 50% of retail sales overall. Franchise in the United States contribute to earnings per year around the U.S. $ 1 Billion.
In Indonesia, the opportunity to develop the company's of franchise extraordinary large. Population in Indonesia is one of the biggest in the world. This is an interesting market.

But none of the franchisor or the franchisee can guarantee that a certain join successful. "Lie!, if there is someone who can guarantee the franchisor to the prospective franchisee certain success." Many factors affect the success or not a business franchise, from the type of business, brand, franchisor and franchisee attitude to his support of the franchisor. Recognizing these factors determines a successful franchise business or not this is that we give to you.

Peluang Bisnis Untuk Anda

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