Insight the Eleven Wonderers In Sukabumi, West Java

Citarik Rapidas Wading
This tourism resort is a adventure by wading River Citarik’s stream 42 km away from Sukabumi Town and 10 km away from Pelabuhan Ratu town. Rapids wading tourism is an integrated adventurous tourism, because besides from wading the river by rubber boat it also offers other facilities such as cottage, camping ground, trekking trip, paint ball, and off road adventure trip. Currently, there is an enterprise that provides rapids, wading tourism and other facilities. Arus liar adventure. This adventurous sport that in the same time serves as tourism potential is one of the forms of tourism commodity many people interst in, thus it can reasonably said that placing investment in River Citarik is feasible.

Bat Cave (Gua Lalay)
This tourism resort is an natural one that features attractions of million cave bats moving in and out caves at certain times. The cave bats are of the type insectivore, with red eyes and fangs. They are generally blackish brown in color, but in swarm, there are nine bat white in color. Usually from 4.45 PN to 19.30 PM millions of bats go out too search for their foods, insects. Then, from 5 AM to 7 AM they come back to the caves.
Besides from millions of bats, there are also in the caves tens monitor lizards, usually to eat those bats that die from collision whwn they were going in or out the caves. The monitor lizards usually go out in the night into a pool specially prepared for them to drink and to search for other foods.
The location of Lalay Cave is 3 km away from Pelabuhan Ratu Tow along the shore, and about 53 km away from Sukabumi Town.

Gado Bangkong
Gado bangkong is a tourism resort located at Pelabuhan Ratu Town coast. It is co called because there is an remaining old seaport thet protrudes into sea, suitable for fishing. Until now arrangement of Gado Bangkong is not yet optimal. Considering the condition of the beach and the remaining seaport, it is very feasible to build there a floating restaurant as an attraction for tourist.

Citepus Beach
Tourism resort Citepus Beach is a coastal tourism resort, with a coastline of 3 km long. This tourism resort is suitable for swimming, being of smooth sloping shore and mild waves. There is also a very wide camping ground near its shore. Many hotels, inns, and restaurant are concentrated in this tourism resort.
Most of domestic tourist visit this beach. It is 7 km away from Pelabuhan Ratu Town. From the description, citepus Beach is an alternative destinitation for Pelabuhan Ratu Beach that is highly potential if it is well managed developed.
Karangnaya Beach
This beach is actually part of a series of beaches in Citepus area, bordering to Cikakak. Karangnaya Beach is opposite to Inna Samudra Beach Hotel. Citepus and Karangnaya Beaches are 1.5 km in distance. One of the uniqueness of this beach is that shady coastal threes line it, so the visitors may enjoy the beauty of coastal scene while taking shelter and spreading out mat under the shady trees. Like Citepus beach, Karangnaya Beach has a smooth sloping shore and mild waves, making it suitable for swimming and playing beach sports such as shore volley, shore soccer, etc.

Cikakak (Sukawayana) Forest Tourism
This tourism resort is very near to Karangnaya Beach, only 500 m westward. The location of Sukawayana Forest is along the Pelabuhan Ratu-Cisolok roadway, north of Inna Samudra Beach hotel. This is a national park locate in the territory of Kecamatan (subdistrict) Cikakak. There are various plants and shady threes that grow in the forest, so weather aroud it is very cool. Tourist apparently seldom visit it, preferring to enjoy beach not far away. However, this forest tourism resort is very potential to develop. Particularly for foreign tourists and city-originated domestic ones.
Presenting properly tourism attractions to proper segment will make this tourismobject more attractive to tourists. If arranged properly, the location of Cikakak Forest, as an indigenous tourism, will be capable of attracting tourists, particularly foreign ones, many of whom being interested in natural tourism.

Tourism Resort Cimaja Beach
Cimaja Beach is a beach tourism resort with a different characteristic than other beaches in Sukabumi area. Small rocks spread over the beach, and the steep sloping edge of shore indicates that the waves of this beach are indeed very big with a wave pattern moving from left to right or vice versa, unlike other beaches where waves move together.
The wavepattern like that is very suitable for surfing. Indeed, foreign tourist, and particularly American ones, have long utilized this beach for surfing. They intentionally stay for months to enjoy surfing sport at Cimaja Beach.
The location of this beach is approximately 12 km away from Pelabuhan Ratu, or around 64 km away from Sukabumi Town. With a shore suitable for surfing, the development of Cimaja Beach tends to be more exclusive, meaning that it will be directed to be a heaven for surfers. Thus, investment opportunity is open for those businessmen who like surfing sport.

Tourism Object Karanghawu
Tourism object Karanghawu is a coast tourism object and also a cultural-ritual tourism. This object is the most well known among the surrounding tourism objects. It is 13.5 km away from Pelabuhan ratu town. Basically, the characteristic of this tourism object are the same as those for other beaches in Pelabuhan Ratu area. It is so called because there is a stovelike rift in part of its shore’s edge. Part of the Kranghawu’s shore area, particularly westward, is sandy with a smooth sloping shore edge.
Until now, Karanghawu Beach is the main destination of domestic tourists, because it has an attractive shore and a hill where some believe there is a grave of an ancient sacred woman. With the excellence of its shore having rifts and sacred spot to offer, Karanghawu Beach has a value added in comparison to the surrounding other beaches. This may be significant point and a priority of arrangement and of course to be an investment opportunity.

Tourism Object Cipanas
Tourism object Cipanas is located in Kecamatan Cisolok, 4 km away from Kecamatan Cisolok town, or 18 km away from Pelabuhan Ratu town. This tourism object is a water tourism object originated from four big sprayings at River Cierang. It is located between hills overgrown by bushes and protected threes, 6,000 m sq. wide. The arrangement of this tourism resort is apparently not yet optimal.
Most of the tourists visiting this tourism object are domestic tourists, foreign ones being only a few. One reasons for visiting this hot spring tourism resort is that some say taking bath in the hot spring may cure certain types of diseases (especially itch). There are two villias for rent around it. An attraction of this tourism object is a waterfall at upstream, approximately 12 m in height. It may be accessed from the hot spring tourism objectby riding motorcycle. Very natural condition of the waterfall is a special attraction. The main destination of the tourists visiting tourism object Cipanas is actually Cierang waterfall. Thus, in general, tourism resort Cipanas may be developed into a Cipanas area and natural tourism package.

Tourism Object Cibangban Beach
Cibangban Beach is the beach most far from Pelabuhan Ratu Town, 20 km in distance. It has a coastline 2 km long, with mild waves and smooth sloping shore edges. This beach is suitable for swimming. Its tourism attraction other than beautiful shore and swimming is that tourists can rent fishing boat to travel along Cibangban’s offshore area. Some beautiful scenes, such as stone hill (mounth Panggeleseran), can be seen. The waving hills beautify the scenes at Ciabangban beach.
Road access to Cibangban is compfortable , and can be passed through by bus. Besides from Pelabuhan Ratu Beach as the main tourism destination, Cibangban Beach is a location feasible to develop into a mai tourism destination.

River Cibareno
River Cibareno is actually a river demarcating Provice of Banten and Province of West Java. Thus, the location of River Cibareno is at western tip of West Java territory. It is 26 km away from Pelabuhan Ratu, taking 40 menit by car. The road to river Cibareno is smooth, but it is narrowing from Cibangban Beach, so it is accessible to elf (medium-sized bus). Besides, the jig-jag,climbing road demands a caution of adds some preoccupation in itself when passing through the road.
Basically, River Cibareno is still virgin and untouched altogether. Its tourism potentials to develop are rapids waning, like River Citarik. Rocky, jig-jag contour and heavy rapids of the river icite excellent sense of adventure for the lovers of rapids waning sport. The length of river suitable to utilized as a rapids waning track up to Kampung Kelapadua, Pasirbiru village, Kecamatan Cisolok, varies from 4 km to 10 km, depending on the desired start. Start may begin either in Kampung Cisalak or kampung Caringin.
In addition to the rapids waning potential, downstream of river Cibareno can also be made as a very good location of shore tourism. Its smooth sloping shore make it suitable for tourists to enjoy the shore atmosphere while swimming. Cibareno’s downstream also serves as a port for small boats of local fishermen. Through it is untouched altogether, it does not means that the River Cibareno is infeasible or has no opportunity to be developed. Instead, just by the description above, River cibareno has big potentials to be converted into a major tourism resort.

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