Natural Conservation

The energy sources most used today have a variety of bad effects on our environment. The coal mining destroys land. Transporting oil across has resulted in oil spils that destroy ocean life. The burning of coal and petroleum causes air pollution. A lot of people get cough when the air is polluted. People cannot enjoy cure fresh air because their lungs are effected by tuberculosis. Nuclear fission creates dangerous radioactive wastes. Living creatures and various organism are really in danger.

The most widely used source of energy is petroleum. The chemicals contains are used to make fertilizers,drugs,synthetic,fibers,plastic,and many other products. Like coal,petroleum also creates environment problems. Removing large quantities of petroleum from under the ground may cause the land to sink. Transporting petroleum may result in oil spills. Burning petroleum causes air pollution. The bad smelling from the combustion will make people become unhealthy.

In places where great amounts of coal are incinerated, as in power palnts,anti-pollution devices can be used. These are expensive and not completely effective. A better way to use coal would be to convert it first to liquid or gas. Either of these produces more than heat produced by burning the coal.

Water is an important forest product. Forest soils are giant sponges. They soak up rain so that it seeps slowly into the ground. Most towns and cities depend on these forest reservoirs. Forest stream flow steadily in dry weather. When trees are cut,the soil is exposed. The rain runs off quickly, causing erosion and flood. Erosion and flood will spoil everything.
Reforestation and the fight agaits fires,insects,and disease are important part of forest management with present technology,we are looking forward to finding other sources of energy that can substitute the used up coal and petroleum.

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I can not guarantee that the information on my blog is 100% correct