Motivation is the heart of the learning process. Because motivation is important in the learning process, the first task of the teacher's and most important is to build motivation or to what the students will learn by the student. Motivation not only the behavior, but also strengthen and direct behavior. Students are motivated in learning will show interest, enthusiasm and perseverance in learning that, without much depend on the teachers.

According to the experts motivation there are two general types of motivation, namely intrinsic motivation and ekstrinsik. Intrinsic motivation is the desire to act because of the incentive factors that come purely from within the individual self, and the purpose of action is involved in the action itself, not outside the action. Ekstrinsik with different motivations, namely the desire behave as a result of the stimulus from the outside or because the power from the outside. Destination behave is not involved in the behavior itself, but outside of that action.

In the process of learning, experience more intrinsic motivation to encourage students in learning. But not the means that the motivation ekstrinsik need to be avoided at all. Ekstrinsik motivation can provoke the occurrence of intrinsic motivation. Many students who are motivated ekstrinsik can be successful with in the study, as well as with students who are motivated intrinsic, as long as teachers can help them with that which is right in line with their needs. There are many ways that can be done by a teacher in the motivation of students in learning through the development ekstrinsik motivation, such as reward or disapprobation, build competition, give a gift or a punishment, and let the progress achieved by students. Each way has advantages-advantages and disadvantages-weakness own. Teachers must determine the most appropriate way so that the various weaknesses could be reduced or avoided altogether, and the forces that have developed and used as big.

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Great post dear .. yes, we need motivation and be never crack under pressure.

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