The History of Hypodermic Needle Theory

Hypodermic Needle Theory is also known as the Magic Bullet Theory is a theory that considers the effects of mass media, social environment. From 1920, this theory is based on the strength of the mass media that have direct influence on it of the mass media. In 1940 and 1950 is considered a mass media has a very large change in the behavior of someone. As some of the things below: 
 increasing number of population (TV and Radio) 
 Spirituality industry to mass media with the number of ads and propaganda 
 Payne Fund focus on examining the influence of TV impressions on children 
 Hitler used mass media to unify the people behind the Nazi


This theory explains that the media has a direct effect, fast and strong against the public. Mass media can influence a group of people with information on how to inject impression / voice / any posts / images are loaded so that it can achieve the desired goal. This theory put the audience as a passive public, so it can be said that mass media is dangerous. In accordance with a needle that is used hipodermik, mass media can easily "inject" the desired information to the head so the audience will respond as expected also.


 Mass Media
 information
 audience (passive)
 the desired response

Assessment that the new Magic Bullet Theory is not accurate comes from a study in the selection of "The People's Choice," (Lazarsfeld, Berelson and Gaudet, 1944/1968). This project was conducted during the election Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1940 to determine voting patterns and the relationship between media and political behavior. The statement that this theory assumes that the audience is a passive and can not do anything wrong because it is considered that the audience is not passive. Audiences may also filter the information that you want to receive. As an example of a product ad, someone will not buy it directly though the product has been advertised in the mass media.

On 30 October 1938 a radio broadcast in New Jersey a drama theater is being told that the alien invasion has occurred in the earth, and started from New Jersey. Siara is stopped immediately because it is dangerous because it can provoke people. But that news has been heard so many people, and in fact many people are affected by erita. Around 12 million people in the United States heard the broadcast and there are around one million people who are really seriously believe alien invasion has been implemented.

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