Nutrition needs for pregnant women

For the new young couple's marriage, pregnancy is the grace of God the infinite value. We trust given by God to bear and keep being a creation of God that is the most perfect human being. Of course we should not be careless in carrying out this noble task. We must prepare for the birth of the human with the good, to trust what the Lord to us we do not use any aliases are treated carelessly.
One of the preparations made during pregnancy is to maintain Feed good nutrition for mothers and infants in the womb, because during pregnancy, the fetus in the body of the mother developing rapidly. This development was influenced by the adequacy of vitamin mother. Vitamin less time, growth can also be disrupted.

Before we discuss more about the kinds of kinds of nutrition for pregnant women, we first find out how to know the nutritional status of pregnant women. One of the parameters for the nutritional status of this is to see an increase in body weight during pregnancy. Ideally, in the first 5 months there is a 1 kg increase in maternal body weight per month. In the following month expected increase of 2 kg per month.
Confused? Okay, During pregnancy, it is expected that this increase in body weight of the mother:
• 7 - 11.5 kg for those with a body weight> 65 kg during pregnancy begin.
• 12 - 15 kg for those with a body weight 45 - 65 kg during pregnancy start
• 12.5 - 18 kg for those with body weight <45 carbohydrate =" 4" portion =" 1" portion =" 2" class="fullpost">
3. Fat: uses, among others, as the body's energy reserves during the birth mother later (fat is a vitamin-rich energy, 1 gram fat = 9 calories), solvent vitamin a, d, e, k, in addition to that, among other fatty acid omega 3 fatty acid and 6 is also required for the development of the nervous system, the function of vision and brain growth in babies. The main source of fat is the meat, milk, eggs, butter, oil plants, etc.. Suggestion: the consumption of approximately 1 tablespoon each of fat substances meals, to provide energy and increase the development of the fetus brain.

4. Vitamin and Mineral: Source of vitamins and minerals is vegetables, fruits and fruit susu. 4 portion of vegetable consumption per day (1 portion = half a cup cooked vegetables or 1 cup raw vegetables) and 3 portion of fruit per fruit (1 portion = 1 apple grain size or half a glass of strawberry). Do not forget to complete with a glass of milk.
Function of vitamins and minerals alone are:
• Vitamin A: Helps growth of skin, bones and teeth. It is important for the normal function of vision.
• Vitamin C: Helps the formation of a network body fetus. Important in the process of body metabolism.
• Vitamin D: basic materials and dental bone formation.
• Calcium: Building bones and teeth.
• Iron: Helps the formation of red blood cells the cells.
• Acid Folat: Prevent the occurrence of congenital defects in the spine.

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